is there vim wrapper? :) #101

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I'm just curious if you know or ever heared about vim wrapper for gitflow out there?



nvie commented Feb 16, 2011

What functionality would such a wrapper offer in your opinion?

well, maybe native functions for easy mappings and capturing the users inputs when needed and probably few internal mappings when in specific view, e.g. commenting tag, etc. just like fugitive plugin nicely wrapping the git

Yeah as of the moment, you need to type :Git flow feature finish my_new_feature - while that's okay there's no autocomplete, so I have to type the branch name manually. Furthermore, I think the command can be shorted to :Gflow feature finish my_new_feature. I don't think this is a gitflow issue, however. I just wanted to answer @nvie's question.

When I do ":Git flow release finish xxx", vim freaks out. Instead of opening up a new buffer for me to edit the tag message, I think it tries to open it right in the vim command line. It would be nice to have something which handles this properly.

jtriley commented Jun 28, 2011

Perhaps this should be a feature request to @tpope for the fugitive vim plugin (


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