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Plus sign in the feature branch name #148

boryn opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I had a feature branch named 'feature/google+' and unfortunately none of the git flow command could find it. I got all the time:
Branch 'feature/google+' does not exist and is required.

Problably some problem with grep or sth. Would be worthy to check also some other characters which are allowed in branch names but are not caught by git flow



Git supports the + so it is specific to gitflow:

git branch 'google+'

Same issue. The "+" character doesn't work with gitflow.
git flow release start 1.0+1.1b1 works
git flow release finish 1.0+1.1b1 says Branch 'release/1.0+1.1b1' does not exist and is required.
I have to rename the branch to release/1.0_1.1b1, finish the release, create an other tag with the good name 1.0+1.1b1 and delete the other tag. A bit dispointed ;)

Thanks for your work !

@asnowfix asnowfix referenced this issue from a commit in asnowfix/gitflow
@craigfowler craigfowler Export command fails in 'gitflow_load_settings()'
See petervanderdoes/gitflow#148 for a full description
of this issue.  In short, the export can fail (either raising an error from the
shell, or silently exporting an incorrect value) if the path to the repo
contains spaces.

It is solved by quoting the value to be exported, preventing the shell
from splitting the result into multiple values (and then trying to parse those
as multiple variable-names & values).

Fixes #148

Have the same problem here. This still doesn't seem to have been fixed. Using @pyby's workaround seems to work, but it's just a bit hacky.

Worth referring to this is if you wanna do it this way though:

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