hotfix start should pull from origin before branching #168

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I frequently work on feature work based off development and, because I'm that good, :) I only occasionally create hotfixes. My local copy of master is frequently many commits behind origin master. Very bad things happen when I create a hotfix using git-flow hotfix start and it creates a branch off local master that is far behind what is on production.

Not sure if this is what the fetch switch does, but it seems like it really should be the default behavior to pull origin/master before creating the hotfix branch.

salzig commented Jan 31, 2012


moeffju commented Apr 25, 2012

+1 on callbacks


This is sort of implemented in my fork git-flow (AVH Edition). It checks if the master and origin/master have diverged and stops if they did. You can then either pull from origin yourself or you can repeat the command with the -F switch to pull from origin.

The source code of my fork has diverged to much to make this into an easy pull request.

Checkout the changelog of the Stable version or Development version for more information about bugfixes and new features implemented in my fork.

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