Default suggestions for branch names are bad #181

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All the default suggestions above should be feature-, release-, hotfix-, support- respectively

Generally some git refs are given as refs/remotes/origin/master used shortly as origin/master where origin is the remote name and master is the branch name

If you use feature/login as branch name the ref will be origin/feature/login which can be interpreted as

remote -> origin && branch -> feature/login
remote -> origin/feature && branch -> login

To remove this ambiguity, people shouldn't use / in either remote name or branch names.

Therefore the default suggestions above, feature/, release/, hotfix/, support/ are very bad for git usage.

I highly disagree, personally.

It allows for great namespacing and branch organization.

Yeah, this is an important change to the defaults. In addition to being a little annoying to type out the different defaults, it would help new users not face this ambiguity.

Many tools (e.g. GitX) group branches of the same namespace into folders. It works quite well.

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