git 1.7.0 now ask for a merge message by default #209

matteosister opened this Issue Apr 16, 2012 · 5 comments


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As reported here

this is an annoying problem because when (i.e.) you close an hotfix you got 2 merge message and one tag message to fill in.

The --no-edit option should be added to avoid this.


ghost commented Apr 18, 2012

git 1.7.10


mfb commented Oct 26, 2012

Upgraded to ubuntu quantal which includes git 1.7.10 and can confirm this issue.

The --no-edit can only be used with git 1.7.8 or higher.

Why not just do the alternative method by adding this in your environment.


On Ubuntu this would go into the file: ~/.bash_export

garex commented Nov 1, 2016 edited

@petervanderdoes already added, but not helps as this seems for older git versions.

git version 2.7.4

Update: Sorry, my bad. On these settings all is ok. I mixed up computers.

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