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Missing bugfix branches #24

mkurkov opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I wonnder why bugfix branches are missing in git flow. I think they are the same as features but with different prefix. Are they supposed to live in develop branch as commits without special branches?


Well, that's rather arbitrary. I don't think you should hang on to the term "feature" too tight. A rule of thumb would be that if you need more than one commit for a change, you should do it on a feature branch, otherwise commit it directly on develop.

Adding another flavour of branches would only make sense if it would be an actual other flavour. What you are referring to are simply feature branches (in that they branch off from develop and merge back into develop).

I would advise to name them "fix-" manually, for example:


Thanks for clarifications.


I came here with the same question. I understand the reasoning but the naming convention doesn't lend itself too well. I think adding "fix" might be something to consider? Just my 2 cents.


@thiswildorchid I guess it is just convention. Bug fixes and features follow exactly the same process in git-flow. So for all intents and purposes feature/fix-... will work just fine...

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