Features can only be published to origin #242

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It appears that the only remote to which features can be published is 'origin'; is it possible to publish a feature to a different remote, if one has multiple remotes set up?

ansell commented Jul 22, 2012

It should be possible to publish to any remote. What happens when you try to push to a remote using the following command:

git push remote feature/featurename

While it is possible to push to any remote, push is not the same as publish in a git-flow-enabled repository. A look at /usr/local/bin/git-flow-feature (lines 365-390) shows that git-flow publish not only pushes the branch to the remote, but also performs several checks beforehand, and configures remote tracking for the branch. None of it is rocket science, but not using git-flow's automation leaves the process open to human error.

Another consideration: git-flow feature pull (the converse of publish) does allow (actually, requires) explicit selection of the remote from which the feature branch should be fetched.

You can change the origin by setting the gitflow.origin

git config gitflow.origin "neworigin"

But I guess adding a remote option would be nice. I might see if I can implement that in the next release of my fork.

zeeraw commented Apr 15, 2013

Is there an implementation for this as of now?

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