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git flow hotfix start -F (fetch option) does not work #263

jesselang opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Jesse Lang
Jesse Lang

git-flow works great!

I am using Debian Wheezy's package.

$ git flow hotfix help
usage: git flow hotfix [list] [-v]
git flow hotfix start [-F] []
git flow hotfix finish [-Fsumpk]

The fetch option for "hotfix finish" works great. I use it all the time to fast-forward to origin before merging. I think fetching should be the default for both "hotfix start" and "hotfix finish".

The fetch option should be available for "hotfix start". But it doesn't work:
$ git flow hotfix start -F v0.11.23
fatal: Given base 'v0.11.23' is not a valid commit on 'master'.

Fetch is defined as an option, so there must be something going on in the script. Thanks!

Jesse Lang

It seems likely it has to do with how BASE is defined in cmd_start().

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