git flow feature finish doesn't remove remote published branch #276

Fandekasp opened this Issue Nov 1, 2012 · 7 comments


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Would be nice if git flow feature finish took care of removing the remote branch as well (created with git flow feature publish

Hello, it's already available in Peter van der Does fork with several other improvements.


The link above to Peter van der Does fork is a 404

Sorry, I forgot a /.

ah, thanks

Well, Peter's branch doesn't work in OSX, and it looks like he's not wanting to try to fix it - so I'll repeat my +1 to have this added to this version.

AFAIK my fork works fine in OSX.
What is it that I am not wanting to try to fix? If something is wrong please submit an issue for my fork.

The issue is this one:


I'll post there as well

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