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Does anyone know if this repo is actually being worked on anymore?
It seems to me that PR's and Issues are just piling up and no one is actually doing anything.

Does the author have lone commit privileges?


There is a fork with more activity :
I was wondering if I should use gitflow for my next project and if I do, I will use the fork.


Thanks for the plug @pylebecq

And to clarify about the fork:
Any updates made to git-flow (AVH Edition) are almost impossible to make into easy pull requests for the original git-flow. The source code of the fork has diverged to much to make this an easy process and therefor we won't.


Ugh. The packaged version in Ubuntu is 0.4.1, which is over 2 years old, according to Github, but there's recent activity in "develop"... We use git-flow extensively on our team and have encountered some of the bugs that are fixed in mainline; it would be nice to have some releases for them. Let me know if we can help get this back on track, @nvie...!


@al-the-x Have a look at my fork, it's fully compatible with the nvie release. Some of the outstanding issue here have been fixed and some new features have been added.
My fork:


I guess the best thing is to look through the Changes.mdown


Thanks... not sure why I didn't think of that first... ;)


@petervanderdoes if you plan to package it for Ubuntu can you post the ppa here please?

Thank you for your fork!

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