Make the feature/release/etc delimiter configurable #337

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The forward slash '/' character is problematic to use in a branch name because it is the same delimiter that git uses for absolute name of a refspec. Some people may like it that way but I'd like to be able to configure it.

Rather then

I'd like to use

This is just a convenience thing. Perhaps one additional interactive prompt when doing flow init
Which delimiter would you like to use? [/]

NobbZ commented Sep 28, 2013

Am Freitag, 27. September 2013, 15:11:36 schrieb Ray

Rather thenrefs/heads/feature/realease
I'd like to userefs/heads/feature-release
So why don't you configure it like that? When you do git flow init you are prompted for the prefixes and you are free
to choose even to use “supercalifragilistic_” as prefix for
features so a featurebranch would look like

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