automatic invocation of a "version-bump" script (and/or similar event-based callbacks) #48

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It would be kind of cool if the git-flow config could optionally include the path to a script for automatically invoking a version-bumping script. That way, as soon as git flow release start v0.2.3 is typed in, the version bump happens and can be committed on the new branch immidiately, to lessen the chances of forgetting.

Of course, callbacks like this will be much easier to implement when git-flow is converted to Python, per #33, and might be better served as general event callbacks, instead of being specific to "version-bumping", so that I could tell git-flow to execute a script after git flow release start and the same script after git flow hotfix start.


That's a really good idea that will be easily implemented in Python, indeed. It's definitely on the TODO list for the Python release.

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