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git-flow specific hooks #60

Thiana opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Have you considered adding hooks for git-flow?

ie, flow-{action} [start|finish] - Invoked when {action} is started/finished would be ideal for integrating with an issue tracker to mark a feature/hotfix/etc as assigned/closed.


Yeah, there definitely will be hooks for many actions, but I think I'll reserve them for the rewrite. I don't want to add too many things now that will change with the next major release again.

There should be hooks for before/after actions, validating, auto-bumping of version number and many a few more.


+1 for this feature!!

I would use this to upload my project to the staging server on 'git flow feature finish' and upload to the production server with 'git flow release finish'




+1 more! Is this still on your radar?


Yeah! I was just having some devs complain the other day that they wish calling "git flow release 1.0.25" would automatically update the version in their package.json for them because it's a release chore. :)


Please check #171 (comment) as there is a fork available with hooks implementation. It's a work in progress so I need people to test the living daylights out the fork.


good idea! +1

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