Tagging of hotfixes failed #87

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I can't tag a hotfix.


+ '[' 'es-f 2.4.1' '!=' '' ']'
+ opts='-a -m '\''es-f 2.4.1'\'''
+ git tag -a -m ''\''es-f' '2.4.1'\''' v2.4.1
fatal: Failed to resolve 'v2.4.1' as a valid ref.
+ die 'Tagging failed. Please run finish again to retry.'


+ opts='-a -m '\''es-f 2.4.1'\'''

it's fine, but here

+ git tag -a -m ''\''es-f' '2.4.1'\''' v2.4.1

the '2.4.1' is recognized as the tag and v2.4.1 as the ref, which is wrong.

May be the same is in the other scripts, like release...



Looks like a problem in parsing arguments containing spaces. What was the exact command you issued (which arguments?) and what OS are you on (getopt implementations differ per OS)?

An alternative for now is to leave out the -m argument and use the interactive Git prompt for providing the commit message.


System is a Debian stable, up-to-date

I tried both
$ git flow hotfix finish -m 'es-f 2.4.1' 2.4.1
$ git flow hotfix finish -m "es-f 2.4.1" 2.4.1
with same result

Until this
+ opts='-a -m '\''es-f 2.4.1'\'''
all was fine and a "debug" echo $opts produced
-a -m 'es-f 2.4.1'
But during evaluation after git tag ... it went wrong...


I believe that this is the same problem that is happening in #50 and may be solved by a eval as in #160

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