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Issue #49: Be git-describe friendly by back-merging release branch/tag into development branch #179

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bloveridge commented Dec 20, 2011

This replaces pull request #85, which became difficult to maintain due to the fact that I didn't base my pull request off a feature branch (old newb mistake).

This pull request modifies the release finish command to back-merge the release branch (or the release tag if it was created) into the development branch as the final step of finishing a release. This makes the tag an ancestor of the development branch, which in turn enables git describe to be meaningful on the development branch as well as the release branch.

bloveridge and others added some commits Dec 8, 2010

@bloveridge bloveridge merge master into develop when finishing a release. If tag, merge the…
… tag; if notag, merge the master branch. This subtly changes the merge message to align with what flags were provided.
@bloveridge bloveridge make back-merging of the production branch into develop optional, and…
… default it to false -- this preserves original functionailty by default
@gvangool @bloveridge gvangool + bloveridge Do the backmerge by default 8879745
@bloveridge bloveridge add short flag for turning on nobackmerge 595a992

n8gray commented Feb 28, 2012

Does this handle hotfix releases as well?


bloveridge commented Feb 28, 2012

It does not; I noticed this same deficiency a few days ago when I used
a hotfix locally (uncommon workflow) and will be updating this pull
request shortly to address the lack.

Ben Loveridge

On Feb 27, 2012, at 11:20 PM, Nathan Gray

Does this handle hotfix releases as well?

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#179 (comment)

n8gray commented Feb 28, 2012

Excellent! I'm thinking about introducing git flow into my company for our transition from svn to git, but I was concerned about the problem it caused with git describe. This is a big help.


sjaeckel commented Feb 28, 2012

It'd be nice if this feature would go into the main repository as fast as possible!
We're using currently my fork to install git flow in my company because it's not yet integrated...


bloveridge commented Feb 28, 2012

We do the same thing at my company. I maintain an alternate homebrew formula that points to my fork and people install using that formula.

This pull request has now been open since December 2010 in one form or another. Maybe it will be merged before another year passes :)

I too would like to see this feature merged in.


sjaeckel commented Jun 15, 2012

We're going the same way as @bloveridge proposed. You can find a simple installer at https://github.com/stzedn/gitflow_msys_install that clones gitflow from my private fork.

The above functionality is included in my fork, The -b functionality is currently only implemented in the develop branch.

My fork also has implementations of other issues posted on the original, most importantly the functionality of hooks and filters as requested in issue #171

What is the current status of resolving this issue?

@keybounce Considering the last commit in this repository was on Sep 25, 2012 I doubt it will be resolved in this repository.

Ahh. Is there an up to date fork of this that does solve this?


bloveridge commented Feb 7, 2015

Check out git-flow-avh

Ben Loveridge (phone--sorry for typos)

On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 10:25 AM, keybounce notifications@github.com

Ahh. Is there an up to date fork of this that does solve this?

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#179 (comment)

@keybounce as @bloveridge said check my fork git flow AVH Edition.

@brianwallace brianwallace referenced this pull request in gladed/gradle-android-git-version Aug 23, 2016


Ancestroy Tags missing on develop/feature/release branches when using GitFlow #22

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