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bloveridge commented Dec 21, 2011

During flow init, if the user enters a branch name that does not exist locally, but does exist remotely, it will create a remote tracking branch rather than die. This patch will allow guesses to be presented if either a local or remote branch exists.

This is particularly useful when using git flow init -df when local branches may not exist (maybe because they were deleted locally, or because one is using a .gitflow variant).

Of course, it is also useful if you have a fresh clone of a flow-enabled repo (with only one local branch) and want to quickly flow init it without first tracking branches locally. Without this patch, master (or whatever HEAD branch got cloned) will be suggested for both master and develop branches; with this patch, the remote develop branch is detected and suggested to the user.


Excellent idea, I think!

If I'm not mistaken this will allow "git flow init -d" to work on a recursive clone of the gitflow.git repository itself, i.e. it will allow the "git branch master origin/master" step to be omitted (without which the error messages which currently result are extremely confusing!)

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