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Issue #129 asks to "add version number auto-increment support". Instead of having users to adhere to a given scheme I wrote a filter hook for the following commands:
git flow release start
git flow hotfix start

Explanation of the filter implementation.

  • A universal function is created called run_filter_hook
  • Naming conventions of the filter scripts filter-flow-{command} For example filter-flow-hotfix-start-version
  • The filter hook function is called with the 1st parameter being the {command} and the 2nd parameter being the value that needs to be passed to the script.
  • To keep in line with the implementation of the hooks implementation, I used the HOOKS_DIR setup as done in pull request #185
  • If the called filter script doesn't exist or is not executable, the returned value is the same as the received one.

Filter names used


petervanderdoes added some commits Jan 4, 2012

Implements universal run_filter_hook function
Signed-off-by: Peter van der Does <peter@avirtualhome.com>
Adds filter to git flow hotfix start
Example of the filter script added.

Signed-off-by: Peter van der Does <peter@avirtualhome.com>
Adds filter hook version in for release start
Also adds sample script.

Signed-off-by: Peter van der Does <peter@avirtualhome.com>
Adds some comments to the sample scripts
Signed-off-by: Peter van der Does <peter@avirtualhome.com>
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