Fix typo in git-flow-feature #212

wants to merge 1 commit into from

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'it pull' -> 'git pull' at line 510

@bloomonkey bloomonkey Fix typo in git-flow-feature
'it pull' -> 'git pull' at ln 510

Any chance someone can merge this? 3 duplicates to date: #214 #219 and #220


I fixed it in my fork, with other fixes and enhancements as well:

The last commit here was 4 months ago.


Thanks. Trouble with this is that newcomers will tend to always fork the original repository, as there's no mechanism for determining which of the many forks is the most actively maintained, and hence the best to contribute back to :(

Any chance that you could update your changelog to credit all those that spotted and submitted fixes for the bug (authors of #212 #214 #219)? Thx


Sure not a problem I'll add them all.

You are correct that new comers always will fork the original repo. I'm trying to pull fixes posted here into my fork and mentioning that I fixed in my fork as well, so that when people do check the issues they know where to go to.


Great. Thanks again.

@bloomonkey bloomonkey closed this Jun 19, 2012
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