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Fixing "init: Operation not permitted" bug on FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

init is an UNIX command to control the boot sequence.

dhull commented Mar 14, 2013

Yes. "git flow version" is broken in the current HEAD. (Although I would prefer to rename the function something like "gitflow_initialize".)

Also, I wonder if it would be possible for the test to be test "type -t initialize" = function to test if the function exists instead of testing explicitly $SUBACTION against a list of command names. I'm not sure if the type builtin is a bashism, but git-flow already depends on it.

This is implemented in my fork git-flow (AVH Edition)
My fork has diverged to much to make this into an easy pull request for nvie's gitflow,

Checkout the changelog for more information about bugfixes and new features implemented in my fork.

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