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While discussing implementing a trial of the branching model we are looking to involve our QA team to sign-off on issues, and to have the infrastructure/release managers to have an easier time backing out releases. This is leading us to not perform any actual development on the develop branch, but rather treat it as an integration point.

The easiest way we thought to do this was to open up a command that allowed for managing issues directly in the repository. Once they are published they would be "finished" by the testers to officially sign off on the feature and this would trigger a merge into the integration branch. Once integration was at at stable point a release branch could be cut, and that would be on the bus to production.

John Bellone added some commits Feb 2, 2013

John Bellone
Basic support for issues subcommand.
For now just made a blind copy of the hotfix command. Going to support some additional features
but this is a good basis to begin from.
John Bellone
Fixing a little something to get working.
A few syntax errors and adding in support for issue initial phase to setup the prefix.
John Bellone
Merging more of the feaeture commands into issue.
- This mimics less of a hotfix and more of a feature. There's still some tweaking but
basically should work very similar now.
John Bellone
Updating the README.mdown with issue branches.
This was an oversight on my part. Update this to give an example like the rest of the
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