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@elmerland elmerland Fix typo and improve sentence structure 287d31d
@dsyer dsyer Updated FAQ (markdown) 505024e
@dsyer dsyer Added paragraph on gerrit 5b9c5e4
@GreyHead GreyHead Added link to Windows installation page 3cc77b6
@gerrywastaken gerrywastaken Fixing still more typos cdb8498
@gerrywastaken gerrywastaken Fixing another small typo dc8cd1c
@gerrywastaken gerrywastaken Fixing small typo. 6feb347
@gerrywastaken gerrywastaken Updating the answer for the 'support' branch with the best current information I could find. d733877
@wernight wernight Updated FAQ (markdown) c2b6f48
@wernight wernight Updated FAQ (markdown) 1475d8d
@dobladez dobladez Added reference to buildversion-plugin regarding git-describe behavior 403d683
@sureshvv sureshvv Updated FAQ (markdown) 192fe74
@sureshvv sureshvv Updated FAQ (markdown) c2e828c
@owenmead owenmead Very sorry... I was on the wrong wiki page... Updated FAQ (markdown) 06abd56
@owenmead owenmead Updated FAQ (markdown) f91eb07
@nvie nvie Change markup parser. Updated FAQ (textile => markdown) 18d5a6c
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