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from copy import copy
from kombu.exceptions import NotBoundError
class Object(object):
attrs = ()
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
any = lambda v: v
for name, type_ in self.attrs:
value = kwargs.get(name)
if value is not None:
setattr(self, name, (type_ or any)(value))
getattr(self, name)
except AttributeError:
setattr(self, name, None)
def __copy__(self):
return self.__class__(**dict((name, getattr(self, name))
for name, _ in self.attrs))
class MaybeChannelBound(Object):
"""Mixin for classes that can be bound to an AMQP channel."""
_channel = None
_is_bound = False
def __call__(self, channel):
return self.bind(channel)
def bind(self, channel):
"""Create copy of the instance that is bound to a channel."""
return copy(self).maybe_bind(channel)
def maybe_bind(self, channel):
"""Bind instance to channel if not already bound."""
if not self.is_bound and channel:
self._channel = channel
self._is_bound = True
return self
def when_bound(self):
"""Callback called when the class is bound."""
def __repr__(self, item=""):
if self.is_bound:
return "<bound %s of %s>" % (item or self.__class__.__name__,
return "<unbound %s>" % (item, )
def is_bound(self):
"""Returns ``True`` if the entity is bound."""
return self._is_bound and self._channel is not None
def channel(self):
if self._channel is None:
raise NotBoundError(
"Can't call method on %s not bound to a channel" % (
return self._channel
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