get_current_job() doesn't work with async jobs #143

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nvie commented Sep 19, 2012

From looking through the code, it appears that the job is only saved to redis after it has completed, so any call to get_current_job() will fail on attempting to retrieve the job from redis.

(Thanks for reporting, @omarkhan)

jtsoi commented Sep 20, 2012

Hi Vincent,

Just forked your repo, great lib.

I think there is a related problem with job.is_finished
the worker manages the status of a job, so status is never updated for sync jobs.

Not sure how to fix this, but looking at your plans for concurrency, I would suggest a "SyncWorker".
The other way is to make sure the jobs handle their own state.



selwin commented Nov 1, 2012

@nvie yeah, I wrote the non async code before get_current_job was introduced. It seems like now we'd have to save the job to Redis before running it.

I think @jtsoi 's problem is slightly different. I think @jtsoi 's second suggestion (i.e jobs handling their own state when executing callables) seems like a cleaner approach to me .


This was referenced Nov 25, 2012


nvie commented Nov 25, 2012

Fixed by #156, thanks @selwin.

@nvie nvie closed this Nov 25, 2012

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