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shFlags 1.0.x README

This project is stored on as Documentation is available there, as are all releases and source code. The source code is stored in Subversion and can be accessed using the following information.

Browse the code in a web browser:

Check out the code locally

$ svn checkout shflags-read-only

Documentation is available on the web at

Making a release

For these steps, it is assumed we are working with release 1.0.0.


  • write release notes
  • update version
  • finish changelog
  • check all the code in
  • tag the release
  • export the release
  • create tarball
  • md5sum the tarball and sign with gpg
  • update website
  • post to and Freshmeat

Write Release Notes

This should be pretty self explainatory. Use one of the release notes from a previous release as an example.

Update Version

Edit src/shflags and change the version number in the FLAGS_VERSION variable.

Finish Documentation

Make sure that any remaning changes get put into the CHANGES-X.X.txt file.

Finish writing the RELEASE_NOTES-X.X.X.txt. Once it is finished, run it through the fmt command to make it pretty. (This assumes the lines weren't already wrapped at 80 chars when the file was edited.)

$ fmt -w 80 RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.0.txt >
$ mv RELEASE_NOTES-2.0.0.txt

We want to have an up-to-date version of the documentation in the release, so we'd better build it.

$ pwd
$ rst2html --stylesheet-path=doc/rst2html.css README.txt >README.html

Check In All the Code

This step is pretty self-explainatory

$ pwd
$ svn ci -m "finalizing 1.0.0 release"

Tag the Release

$ cd ..
$ pwd
$ ls
$ svn cp -m "Release 1.0.0" 1.0

Export the Release

$ cd ../builds
$ pwd
$ svn export shflags-1.0.0

Create the tarball

$ tar cfz ../releases/shflags-1.0.0.tgz shflags-1.0.0

Sign the tarball with gpg

$ cd ../releases
$ gpg --default-key --detach-sign shflags-1.0.0.tgz

Post the release

To post the release, the ProjectInfo page needs to be updated with the release info (release, date, and MD5), and the release with GPG signature needs to uploaded.

Post to the Web


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