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7 doc/CHANGES-1.0.txt
@@ -31,6 +31,13 @@ characters.
Added checks for reserved flag variables (e.g. FLAGS_TRUE).
+Fixed some unset variable bugs.
+Now report the actual getopt error if there is one.
+All tests now properly enable skipping based on whether a standard or enhanced
+getopt is found.
Changes with 1.0.2
29 doc/RELEASE_NOTES-1.0.3.txt
@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ shFlags.
Release info
-This is a major bugfix release of shFlags. The biggest fix is in how non-flag
-arguments are made available to the script.
+This is a major bugfix release. The biggest fix is in how non-flag arguments are
+made available to the script.
Major changes
@@ -68,28 +68,27 @@ Standard vs Enhanced getopt
Here is a matrix of the supported features of the various **getopt** variants.
-|Feature |std|enh|
-|short option names | Y | Y |
-|long option names | N | Y |
-|spaces in string options | N | Y |
+| Feature | std | enh |
+| short option names | Y | Y |
+| long option names | N | Y |
+| spaces in string options | N | Y |
+| intermixing of flag and non-flag values | N | Y |
Known Issues
The **getopt** version provided by default with all versions of Mac OS X (up to
and including 10.5.6) and Solaris (up to and including Solaris 10 and
-OpenSolaris) is the standard version. As such, only short flags are supported.
-Additionally, the version supplied does not support intermixing flag and
-non-flag arguments on the command-line.
+OpenSolaris) is the standard version.
-The Zsh shell requires the ``shwordsplit`` option to be set, and the special
-``FLAGS_PARENT`` variable must be defined.
+The Zsh shell requires the ``shwordsplit`` option to be set and the special
+``FLAGS_PARENT`` variable must be defined. See ``src/shflags_test_helpers`` to
+see how the unit tests do this.
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