Super-duper easy rsync wrappers for your home setup
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syncto and syncfrom

Syncs files between your home computers using rsync. This is merely a convenient wrapper around rsync commands, rather than a sync utility by itself.


To copy local files from the given path spec to another computer, overwriting everything that's there:

nvie@MacBook$ syncto -v vincent@iMac.local Projects/syncfrom

To pull changes from the other computer, overwriting your local copy:

nvie@MacBook$ syncfrom -v vincent@iMac.local Projects/syncfrom

Both syncto and syncfrom will keep the names of the directories used identical on both systems. It is not possible to change the directory names when using these wrappers. If you want that kind of control, use rsync directly.

If your path spec is a directory inside your home directory, the remote part of the rsync command is automatically converted to the user's home directory on the remote end, too, even if the username is different.

You can spec your sync path using either of the following notations:

nvie@MacBook ~/Projects/syncfrom$ syncfrom -v vincent@iMac.local .
nvie@MacBook ~$ syncfrom -v vincent@iMac.local Projects/syncfrom
nvie@MacBook /tmp$ syncfrom -v vincent@iMac.local /Users/nvie/Projects/syncfrom

Each of these commands has exactly the same effect---they will push all files inside the (local) directory /Users/nvie/Projects/syncfrom to the remote system's /Users/vincent/Projects/syncfrom directory.

syncto and syncfrom currently take only one path spec to sync.


Put these files somewhere on your $PATH.


I built this purely to scratch my own itch. It is not guaranteed to work on your system.

What users are saying about it

"I don't sync so."