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warn() {
echo "$1" >&2
die() {
warn "$1"
exit 1
[ -e "$INSTALL_TO/vimrc" ] && die "$INSTALL_TO/vimrc already exists."
[ -e "~/.vim" ] && die "~/.vim already exists."
[ -e "~/.vimrc" ] && die "~/.vimrc already exists."
git clone git://
cd vimrc
# Download vim plugin bundles
git submodule init
git submodule update
# Compile command-t for the current platform
cd vim/ruby/command-t
(ruby extconf.rb && make clean && make) || warn "Ruby compilation failed. Ruby not installed, maybe?"
# Symlink ~/.vim and ~/.vimrc
cd ~
ln -s "$INSTALL_TO/vimrc/vimrc" .vimrc
ln -s "$INSTALL_TO/vimrc/vim" .vim
touch ~/.vim/user.vim
echo "Installed and configured .vim, have fun."
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