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To install, run

git clone git:// ~/.tmux
cd ~/.tmux
make install

To update the repository, run

make update

Key Bindings

Alt + E Prefix (you probably won't need it)

The following key bindings do not require you to send the prefix keystroke:

Alt + | Split vertically
Alt + - Split horizontally

Alt + H Go to the left pane
Alt + J Go to the bottom pane
Alt + K Go to the top pane
Alt + L Go to the right pane

Alt + = Equal vertial panes
Alt + + Equal horizontal panes
Alt + Arrow Resize pane

Alt + PageUp Copy mode and page up
Alt + U Copy mode Alt + I Paste

Alt + 8 Choose a session to attach
Alt + 9 Cycle left through sessions
Alt + 0 Cycle right through sessions


The status bar is hidden by default (type tmux set status to toggle it) because creating windows is not part of my workflow. I'd rather open a new tab in my terminal, or a new terminal. To me, Tmux is a fix to what my terminal should have builtin.