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To install, run

git clone git:// ~/.zsh
cd ~/.zsh
make install

To update the repository, run

make update

Key Bindings

Ctrl + b Go back in the directory location history
Ctrl + f Go forward in the directory location history
Ctrl + u Go up in the directory structure
Ctrl + k ls
Alt + v vim

Not ideal, I'm open to suggestions.


  • The git status is printed in the prompt. To disable type nog (huge repositories tend to slow down the shell). Also disable git completion
  • The command history is shared across sessions (very useful with Ctrl + r). To disable type noh (useful when all you are doing is Up arrow + Enter).
  • Syntax is highlighted.
  • No need to type bundler exec for most commands (annotate cap capify cucumber ey foreman guard heroku middleman nanoc rackup rainbows rails rake rspec ruby shotgun spec spork thin thor unicorn unicorn_rails).
  • vi file:123 will open file at line 123.
  • hitch is supported
  • To load nodejs bin directory in the $PATH, type npm_bin
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