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GTD Queries

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GTD Queries module

Gets tasks, projects and useful information for the GTD system.


Custom gtd queries, that respect the neorg GTD specs (:h neorg-gtd-format)


How to Apply

  • To manually load the module, place this code in your Neorg setup:
    ["core.gtd.queries"] = {
       config = { -- Note that this table is optional and doesn't need to be provided
           -- Configuration here
    Consult the configuration section to see how you can configure core.gtd.queries to your liking.


This module exposes no customization options.

Developer Usage

Public API

This segment will detail all of the functions core.gtd.queries exposes. All of these functions reside in the public table.

  • create
  • add_metadata
  • starting_after_today
  • get_tag
  • sort_by
  • get
  • get_end_project
  • update
  • date_converter
  • diff_with_today
  • insert
  • delete
  • get_at_cursor
  • modify
  • get_end_document_content


Get all tasks and projets from buffer

local buf = 1 -- The buffer to query informations

local queries = module.required["core.gtd.queries"]

local tasks = queries.get("tasks", { bufnr = buf })
local projects = queries.get("projects", { bufnr = buf })

print(tasks, projects)

Extra Info


This module supports at least version 0.0.8. The current Neorg version is 0.0.11.



Required by

  • core.gtd.ui - Nicely displays GTD related information.
  • core.gtd.base - Manages your tasks with Neorg using the Getting Things Done methodology.