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Generate Neorg metadata

A Neorg module for generating document metadata automatically.



How to Apply

  • This module is already present in the core.defaults metamodule. You can load the module with:
    ["core.defaults"] = {},
    In your Neorg setup.
  • To manually load the module, place this code in your Neorg setup:
    ["core.norg.esupports.metagen"] = {
       config = { -- Note that this table is optional and doesn't need to be provided
           -- Configuration here
    Consult the configuration section to see how you can configure core.norg.esupports.metagen to your liking.


type : One of "none" or "auto"

Default value: "none"

tab : How to generate a tabulation inside the @document.meta tag

Default value: ""

delimiter : Custom delimiter between tag and value

Default value: ": "

template : Custom template to use for generating content inside @document.meta tag

Default Value:

Developer Usage

Public API

This segment will detail all of the functions core.norg.esupports.metagen exposes. All of these functions reside in the public table.

  • construct_metadata
  • inject_metadata
  • is_metadata_present


None Provided

Extra Info


This module supports at least version 0.0.11. The current Neorg version is 0.0.11.


This module does not import any other files.


Required by

This module isn't required by any other module.