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Importing to PostGIS

See the separate PostGIS page for overview.

Edit PostgreSQL 8.4.x settings:

shared_buffers = 1024MB maintenance_work_mem = 4096MB checkpoint_segments = 20 autovacuum = off

Import with a command like:

osm2pgsql --merc --slim -C 26000 -d geo /Volumes/Data/osm/planet-110803.osm

osm2pgsql Style files - Import population of cities and other special flags.

Also ability to clip (crop, filter) just a tiny bit of OSM by geography or tag:

/usr/local/osm/osmfilter planet-latest.osm --keep-ways=building= --drop-relations -o=buildings.osm

Further reading: OSMfilter

Get planet.osm from (many confusing links):

Background reading

Inspecting data attributes (tags) on

Use the + on the right side of the map viewer. Then check the Data box. Make sure you're zoomed in far enough. The features will highlight in the map and list in the left sidebar. Click on to get a summary. There is also a link to the full details. Note: some features are part of larger "relations", the relation carries the attributes and you'll need to link up to that to read them.

More about tags:

OSM Data Dictionary:

Editing OSM:

Is a bitch. Potlatch 1 is more useful for editing roads and such. Hover over the Edit tab until you see that option, click on the appropriate link.

Guide from MapBox - Getting started with JOSM editor, tracing from satellite imagery.

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