Tools for translating between map style languages

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QGIS .qgs to GeoServer .sld

Plugin for QGIS that saves out SLD. Useful for simple choropleth maps with GeoServer. Implements solely renderers and styling options. Later on I thought about a tighter integration with GeoServer than to save first a SLD file and then upload or copy-and-paste to GeoServer. Using GeoServer's REST API the SLD preview dialog features now the possibility to upload the style directly to GeoServer.

QGIS .qgs to Carto .css

Only supports graduated renderers. Everything is output as a line-color style, not sure if it works with polygon layers

QGIS to Mapnik XML (quantumnik)

Will export Mapnik XML compatibile with whichever Mapnik version you currently have installed.

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ArcMap .mxd to OGC .sld

  • Arc2Earth - Can export layer styles in OGC SLD Format, can adapt by hand to Cascadenik or Carto. Don't know of a method in ArcPy to get layer graphic properties without going full on ArcObjects, nudge nudge.

Between Cascadenik and Carto

  • Nothing available, yet. However, when Mapnik XML -> Carto is in place (pending updates to carto-generator), then you will be able to go Cascadenik -> Mapnik XML -> Carto

Upgrade from Mapnik 0.7.x XML to Mapnik 2.0.x XML

  • You can use a command line tool which will be installed with Mapnik >= 2.0.0 called
$ -h
Usage: <input xml> [options]

Upgrade a Mapnik XML stylesheet to Mapnik 2.0

Full help:
 $ -h (or --help for possible options)

Read 'map.xml' and write new 'map2.xml'
 $ map.xml map2.xml

Update 'map.xml' in place (*Careful*)
 $ map.xml --in-place
  --version   show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --indent    Indent the resulting XML
  --in-place  Update and overwrite the map in place

Mapnik XML to GeoTools SLD

  • mapnik2geotools - A small scala project with the goal of transforming Mapnik map definitions to something GeoTools and GeoServer can deal with. By dwins.