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""" Utility functions for handling street names.
>>> short_street_name('Wodehouse Avenue')
'Wodehouse Ave.'
>>> short_street_name('Wodehouse Rd')
'Wodehouse Rd.'
>>> short_street_name('Wodehouse Street North')
'Wodehouse St. N'
>>> short_street_name('South Wodehouse Boulevard')
'S Wodehouse Blvd.'
>>> short_street_name('East Highway')
'East Hwy.'
>>> short_street_name('North Expressway Northeast')
'North Expwy. NE'
>>> short_street_name('SW North Lane')
'SW North Ln.'
>>> short_street_name('Street Dr')
'Street Dr.'
>>> short_street_name('Road Street North')
'Road St. N'
>>> short_street_name('Parkway')
__version__ = '0.1.5'
_directions = {
'north': 'N', 'northeast': 'NE',
'east': 'E', 'southeast': 'SE',
'south': 'S', 'southwest': 'SW',
'west': 'W', 'northwest': 'NW',
'n': 'N', 'ne': 'NE',
'e': 'E', 'se': 'SE',
's': 'S', 'sw': 'SW',
'w': 'W', 'nw': 'NW'
_types = {
'ave': 'Ave.',
'avenue': 'Ave.',
'blvd': 'Blvd.',
'boulevard': 'Blvd.',
'court': 'Ct.',
'ct': 'Ct.',
'dr': 'Dr.',
'drive': 'Dr.',
'expressway': 'Expwy.',
'expwy': 'Expwy.',
'freeway': 'Fwy.',
'fwy': 'Fwy.',
'highway': 'Hwy.',
'hwy': 'Hwy.',
'lane': 'Ln.',
'ln': 'Ln.',
'parkway': 'Pkwy.',
'pkwy': 'Pkwy.',
'pl': 'Pl.',
'place': 'Pl.',
'rd': 'Rd.',
'road': 'Rd.',
'st': 'St.',
'street': 'St.',
'ter': 'Ter.',
'terrace': 'Ter.',
'tr': 'Tr.',
'trail': 'Tr.',
'way': 'Wy.',
'wy': 'Wy.',
def short_street_name(long_name):
""" Shorten a long street name, e.g. "Main Street" to "Main St".
parts = long_name.strip().split()
keys = long_name.strip().lower().split()
if len(parts) >= 3 and keys[0] in _directions and keys[-1] in _types:
# like "North Herp Derp Road"
parts[0] = _directions[keys[0]]
parts[-1] = _types[keys[-1]]
elif len(parts) >= 3 and keys[-2] in _types and keys[-1] in _directions:
# like "Herp Derp Road North"
parts[-2] = _types[keys[-2]]
parts[-1] = _directions[keys[-1]]
elif len(parts) >= 2 and keys[-1] in _types:
# like "Herp Derp Road"
parts[-1] = _types[keys[-1]]
return ' '.join(parts)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import doctest