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Natural Earth Update Procedure

Scripts to build Natural Earth ZIP archives for individual themes, scalesets, and packagages.

Requirements: Make a generic Unix utility, to be installed.

Assumed to be run on Mac or Ubuntu Linux.


  1. Increment the VERSION number, per the semantic versioning guidelines at ../

    pico VERSION
  2. Update the CHANGELOG with the new edits.

    pico CHANGELOG

    Note: You'll likely want to edit the CHANGELOG in a real text editor. Those changes should also be recorded, with better formatting, in a public blog post.

  3. Formalize the new version in Git by setting a tag:

    git tag  -m 'See CHANGELOG for details.' -a v`cat VERSION`
  4. Package those changes for distribution by running one of the make targets:

    make all

    Other common, more specific targets include:

    make zips/10m_cultural/
    make zips/10m_physical/
    make zips/50m_cultural/
    make zips/50m_physical/
    make zips/110m_cultural/
    make zips/110m_physical/
    make zips/packages/
    make zips/packages/Natural_Earth_quick_start/
    make clean
  5. Push those changes live to the distribution network!

    make live
  6. Updated Drainholes on the distribution server:
  7. Write the blog post announcing the changes (parallels the CHANGELOG above).
  8. Send email to update list announcing the changes and directing them to the blog post.
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