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10m road has bad record #11

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Hope you don't mind me opening an issue directly on here rather than posting elsewhere.

I was investigating a failure of some software which was blowing up when reading the 10m roads shapefile.
It turns out that my code doesn't handle empty points in a record, which is precisely what one of the records in this particular shapefile have:

import shapefile

fname = 'natural_earth/cultural/10m_roads.shp'
r = shapefile.Reader(fname)
rec = r.shapeRecord(8126)
field_names = [field[0] for field in r.fields[1:]]
for name, field in zip(field_names, rec.record):
    print '{}: {}'.format(name, str(field).strip())
print 'POINTS: ', rec.shape.points

Resulting in:

scalerank: 100
featurecla: Road
edited: Mystry can't be deleted?

Obviously, I will update my code to handle a record with no points, but I wanted to let you know about this so that you can remove the lingering entry if you so wish.



This is a duplicate of #4.


Feel free to close this then. I notice #4 doesn't specifically mention the road shapefile (it does mention railroads, timezone and georaphic_lines though).

@nvkelso nvkelso closed this
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