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Consider removing "_shp" from some zip file names? #92

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Some zip files, such as, include the "_shp" prefix. Others, such as, do not. It would be nice for automated processes that consume these files if the zip file always matched the name of the shapefile contained therein.

See the world-atlas Makefile for an example of a work-around.



The reason the _shp postfix is there now on the admin_1 states series is due to the UTF-8 Unicode master being locked up in a GeoDB file. The SHP version is a degraded copy in the 2.0 series (Windows-1252 default encoding for SHP files doesn't capture unicode chars in Vietnam, for instance).

The 2.1 > 3.0 work ( I've been engaged with the last couple months fixes this so the exported SHP is an exact match for the GeoDB.

Expect this to launch within the month.

Preview here:

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