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A small tool to remove proprietary parts from CyanogenMod 13
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A small tool to remove some proprietary parts from CyanogenMod.

freecyngn removes the following components which either contain or require proprietary components of Google:

  • Browser (Gello)
  • CyanogenSetupWizard
  • LockClock
  • TimeService


Clean install:

In order for the home button and quick settings to function, freecyngn needs to set a value in the CMSettings database. However, that database does not exist until after the initial boot to Android.

  1. Boot to recovery.
  2. Wipe /data and /system.
  3. Install CyanogenMod.
  4. Install freecyngn.
  5. Boot to Android. This will populate /data with the CMSettings database.
  6. Reboot to recovery.
  7. Mount /data.
  8. Install freecyngn again. It's already installed, but installing again will trigger the script to run once more. The CMSettings database will then be updated to restore the aforementioned functionality.

Dirty install:

  1. Boot to recovery.
  2. Install freecyngn.

After this, freecyngn will never have to be installed again. It will automatically apply each time a CyanogenMod update is installed. However make sure to regularly check for freecyngn updates, as CyanogenMod may change some things.

Build Instructions

You should be able to download the last release and replace the updater-script and with the latest.

If you need to rebuild the updater-binary, or would like more information, see this wiki:


freecyngn is licensed under WTFPL, see LICENSE