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Mumble Gray skin


This is Mumble ( skin created for those, that does not like default white look of the application, because it can melt your eyes in the middle of the night.

So I've decided to tweak my old skin, and ended up in creating a new one, because 100% black is not always the best solution.


Go to your Mumble configuration directory, there should be a catalog named skins/, enter it.

If you do not have git installed then just click Download Zip on the right of this page, and unpack that zip to the skins/ directory.

Then go to Mumble client, select Options > Configuration > Interface, browse to the directory where you got unpacked/cloned skin and then select .qss file that is in there.

Make sure to select Plastique window style, and then press OK.

Notice, sometimes you must restart mumble client to load all images from the skin directory - especially when you are missing icons in channel list.

If you have a git installed then clone this repo into the skins/ directory, for example:

$ cd /home/kaszpir/Apps/Mumble/skins/
$ git clone

Tested on

  1. Windows 7
  2. Ubuntu Gnome @ 13.10
  3. Xubuntu - XFCE4 @ 14.04


  1. Test skin on different platforms.

Known issues

  1. Channel/User comment shows with standard yellow color in the background, yet the text is gray.
  2. URL links in Dialog boxes are blue.
  3. Bottom area in wizard dialog box is white under Windows.
  4. Mac OS X - issues with rendering of the top menu.

License More detail in


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Gray mumble skin




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