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About CleanroomGenerator

This plugin can be used by world managers such as Multiverse (version 2.0+) as a Custom Chunk Generator to create customizable flat clean room style worlds.

Your world manager must support Custom Chunk Generation or this will not work. Multiverse only supports it in version 2.0 and later.

How do I use it?

Example usage with Multiverse-Core:

/mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator:64,stone

This will create a new world named "cleanroom" with the layer 0 as bedrock and layers 1-64 as stone, thus giving 65 total layers (including bedrock). Block ids are also valid in place of block names.

You can also specify multiple layers such as:

/mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator:10,stone,20,dirt,1,grass

This would create a new world named "cleanroom" with layer 0 as bedrock, layers 1-10 as stone, layers 11-30 as dirt, and layer 31 as grass thus giving 32 total layers (including bedrock).

If the generator id is prefixed with a "." character, layer0 will not be generated as bedrock by default, allowing you to create space maps, or have a different block at layer0. For space maps, the spawn is set to y=64 to allow some falling before damage is taken. Fly mods are recommended for this sort of map.

Some more examples:

/mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator: 

Creates a map with only layer0 as bedrock.

/mvcreate cleanroom normal -g CleanroomGenerator

Creates a map with layer0 as bedrock, followed by 64 stone (default when no generator id is specified).

/mvcreate space normal -t flat -g CleanroomGenerator:.

Creates an empty 'space' map (Exactly the same as the NullTerrain Generator or StyxSpace minus the glowstone). Use -t flat because of the "black void" around the world. This fakes the world to the FLAT type and clients see beautiful blue void.

/mvcreate ocean normal -g CleanroomGenerator:9,stone,3,dirt,7,sand,9,water

Creates an ocean map (Exactly the same as the OceanWorld Generator).