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Consensus-based Matching and Tracking of Keypoints (CMT) is a robust optical flow feature tracking algorithm.
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Consensus-based Matching and Tracking of Keypoints (CMT) is a novel object tracking algorithm. Optical flow estimation is used to derive the movement of keypoints in a target ROI, and track their transformation over time. Keypoints are continually recomputed through a clustering function and an updated bounding box is solved for each frame. This is an error prone process but allows a very robust, lossy track of arbitrary and changing features without training a matching algorithm.

ofxCMT wraps DelMottea's C++ port of Python CMT:

Original code base published in the Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 2014, "Matching and Tracking of Keypoints for Object Tracking", Nebehay, Georg and Pflugfelder, Roman.

CMT requires OpenCV 2.4.9

Download your distribution separately and place the root /build of the distribution into addons/ofxCMT/libs/opencv_2.4.9 These directories are used by the example: /build /build/include /build/include/opencv /build/include/opencv2 /build/x86/vc11

Copy the appropriate VS compiled DLL's from OpenCV into your bin folder (The compiled example uses VS11 DLLs for Visual Studio 2012 - /addons/ofxCMT/libs/opencv_2.4.9/build/x86/vc11/bin/*.dll). Use Release build settings for best performance.

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