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Exposes a metrics endpoint for Tautulli
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Tautulli Exporter for Prometheus

This exports metrics from Tautulli for use in Prometheus.

This is based HEAVILY off of the HAProxy exporter created by the Prometheus Authors. For original license information see that project here.

Using the exporter

I recommend running this in a Docker container. Like this:

docker run -e "TAUTULLI_API_KEY=yourapikey" -e "TAUTULLI_URI=" tubaguy50035/tautulli_exporter

Note that you won't want to set the SERVE_PORT environment variable if running with Docker. You'll just map it to a different local port if you need to like 9999:9487.

But you can also just run one of the binaries from the releases page like so:

TAUTULLI_API_KEY="yourapikey" TAUTULLI_URI="" ./tautulli_exporter-linux-amd64

Or if you want to run with your local Go install:

TAUTULLI_API_KEY="yourapikey" TAUTULLI_URI="" go run tautulli_exporter.go

Environment variables

You can configure this exporter using the following environment variables:

  • TAUTULLI_API_KEY - required - Set this to your API key for Tautulli
  • TAUTULLI_URI - Set this to your Tautulli address, including port number (defaults to
  • TAUTULLI_SSL_VERIFY - Set this to true if you want the exporter to validate your Tautulli SSL set up
  • TAUTULLI_TIMEOUT - Set this to the timeout the exporter should use for scraping Tautulli (defaults to five seconds)
  • SERVE_PORT - The port this exporter should serve on (defaults to 9487)
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