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A place to submit NWB Extensions for registration in the official NDX Catalog
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This repo is a place to submit NWB extensions for registration in the official Neurodata Without Borders Extensions Catalog.

Registering an extension

To register an extension, you need to have a GitHub account and git installed on your local machine.

Briefly, you will create a Pull Request on this repo with metadata about the extension (e.g. name, version, URL to public Git repo, etc.), and then the catalog maintainers will review the extension. When the extension is approved, a new repo will be created in the NDX Catalog containing the metadata that you entered. Other users will be able to browse and search the catalog to find information about your extension and how to install and use it.

  1. Fork this repository.

  2. Clone your fork to your local filesystem.

    git clone<your-github-username>/staged-extensions.git
  3. Copy the folder staged-extensions/example to a new folder with the name of your extension.

    cp -r staged-extensions/example staged-extensions/<your-extension-name>
  4. Edit staged-extensions/<your-extension-name>/ndx-meta.yaml with information about your extension.

    • The YAML file MUST contain a dictionary with the following keys:

      • name - name of the extension
      • version - version number of the extension
      • src - URL of the public Git repository with the sources of the extension
      • pip - URL of the package on PyPI of the extension
      • license - name of the license of the extension
      • maintainers - list of GitHub usernames of people who will reliably maintain the extension
    • For example, your YAML file should look something like this:

      name: ndx-miniscope
      version: 0.1.0
      license: BSD
        - bendichter
  5. Edit staged-extensions/<your-extension-name>/ with a description of your extension and how to install and use it. You may want to copy the of your extension.

  6. Add and commit your changes locally, and push your changes to GitHub.

    cd staged-extensions
    git add .
    git commit -m "Created new extension"
    git push origin master
  7. Create a pull request on this repo for your changes.

    Building of your extension will be tested on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The technical team will review your extension shortly after, provide feedback, and request changes, if needed.

  8. When your pull request is approved and merged, a new repository, called <your-extension-name>-record will be created in the nwb-extensions GitHub organization with your extension's ndx-meta.yaml and files. You will be added as a maintainer for that repository.

    This new repo is the NDX Catalog entry for your extension. It will be used to provide basic information about your extension, including how to install it and where to find the source code -- similar to a card in a card catalog of early libraries. Please keep this repo up-to-date as you develop your extension and release new versions.

Behind the scenes

See nwb-extensions-smithy for more information about the automation scripts that run behind the scenes.

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