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A browser friendly .ics/.vcs file generator written entirely in JavaScript!

Now you can make calendar friendly files client-side. It outputs .ics files, so the files are compatible with all modern calendar software (Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google, etc.)

How To Use

Simply use invoke the object and use the functions...

var cal = ics();
cal.addEvent(subject, description, location, begin, end);
cal.addEvent(subject, description, location, begin, end); // yes, you can have multiple events :-);

begin and end need to be formatted in a way that is friendly to Date()

Recurring Events

Recurring events can be added with the rrule object.

cal.addEvent(subject, description, location, begin, end, rrule)

The rrule object has the following properties:

  • freq : Required. The frequency of event recurrence. Can be DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or YEARLY.
  • until : A date string representing the date on which to end repitition. Must be friendly to Date()
  • count : Alternative to until. Repeat the event count times. Must be an integer
  • interval : The interval of freq to recur at. For example, if freq is WEEKLY and interval is 2, the event will repeat every 2 weeks. Must be an integer.
  • byday : Which days of the week the event is to occur. An array containing any of SU, MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA.

The four properties described above are not exhaustive of recurrence rule capabilities. If extra functionality is required, you can set the rrule.rule property to a full recurrence rule string. In this case, none of the four properties described above are necessary. See this page for a description of recurrence rules.


	var cal = ics();
	cal.addEvent('Demo Event', 'This is an all day event', 'Nome, AK', '8/7/2013', '8/7/2013');
	cal.addEvent('Demo Event', 'This is thirty minute event', 'Nome, AK', '8/7/2013 5:30 pm', '8/7/2013 6:00 pm');
<a href="">Demo</a>


The tool uses 2 libraries from the following projects:

I've compressed them and included them into the source for the normal file. Other variations are available in the repo.

If you want IE to allow for either opening documents as well as saving documents, you can use my fork of FileSaver.js ( Though you honestly are probebly best off using their main.

Supported Browsers

Browser Dependancies
Firefox 20+ FileSaver.js
Firefox ≤ 19 FileSaver.js, Blob.js
Chrome FileSaver.js
Chrome for Android v28+ FileSaver.js
IE 10+ FileSaver.js
Opera Next FileSaver.js
Opera < 15 FileSaver.js, Blob.js
Safari ≤ 6 FileSaver.js, Blob.js



A browser firendly VCS file generator written entirely in javascript!!!!!!







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