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NWCPP Website Source

Pelican-based website for the Northwest C++ Users' Group. Read 2013 Website Refresh for more background.

Running Pelican requires that you've installed Python 2.7. (You're welcome to try Python 3.4, but it's untested.) See The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! for guidelines on installing Python, pip, and virtualenv on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Clone the Repo

  • In a terminal window:

    • git clone

Create a Virtual Environment

  • Note: for Windows, be sure to install the 32-bit Python 2.7, even if you are running Win64, or you will have difficulty with PyCrypto.

  • Install the prerequisites of Python 2.7 pip, virtualenv, Setuptools, and easy_install, per Installing Python on Mac OS X, Installing Python on Linux, or Installing Python on Windows.

  • Create the nwcpp virtual environment. The virtualenv command line below shows it being created in pelican-site/nwcpp, but you can put it anywhere.: If you use virtualenvwrapper on Mac or Linux, the recommended place is ~/Envs; if you use virtualenvwrapper-powershell or virtualenvwrapper-win (cmd.exe) on Windows, use %USERPROFILE%\Envs.

    • cd pelican-site
    • virtualenv nwcpp
  • Activate the virtualenv (you'll need to do this every time). This prefixes the virtualenv's bin or Scripts directory to your PATH:

    • nwcpp\Scripts\activate.bat # Windows
    • source nwcpp\bin\activate # Linux or Mac

Windows Setup

Common Setup for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Create and activate your virtualenv, as described above.
  • Install Pelican and other dependencies: pip install pelican fabric python-dateutil typogrify ghp-import

Running Locally

  • Edit pages in your favorite editor. Hint: use a recent post as a starting point.
  • Build pages and serve them on http://localhost:8000/: fab reserve
  • Commit pages to Git and push to GitHub: git push origin master
  • Publish website to GitHub Pages: fab gh_pages. The updated website will be visible in a few seconds at
  • To see all commands in the fabfile: fab --list