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This is a simple JNI wrapper for the libogg-vorbis library from It is set up to use the floating point instructions in an arm architecture, and is plainly pointed at being used on Android. The intent of the wrapper was to emulate a FileInputStream and FileOutputStream. Everybody knows how to use them, and 95% of the time, this will do the job.

Anything that needs to be customized is done through the VorbisInfo class. This class has defaults that work well for the Android environment.


The VorbisInfo object includes several fields. These all are set to defaults that make sense. Read the comments for more information.

Supported Devices

After trying this with software-emulated floating point, it became apparent that floating point operations are required to make this project worth your time. The libraries are set to compile natively to requiring a floating point coprocessor. This, unfortunately, means that you will crash on an emulator.

This code has been lightly tested on an HTC Incredible.


The C code used to interface with's liboggvorbis is under whatever license they are under, especially because the code is closely related to their sample code. The Java code is also under the same license, just for simplicity's sake.


This is set up to be used with the following two Interfaces / classes:

  • AudioOutputStream / VorbisFileOutputStream
  • AudioInputStream / VorbisFileInputStream

visit these two classes for more information. They both extend the respective input/output streams. The VorbisFileOutputStream requires the use of a VorbisInfo object in order to specify some information about the file it is opening.

Both these streams interface with Java as PCM data.