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<title>Happiness is letting someone make you the villain </title>

Happiness is letting someone make you the villain.
When I was making <a href="">my record</a>, I hired a bassist. But listening back to his tracks afterwards, I decided to play bass myself instead. I'm glad I did, and love the results. But I hear he still hates me, 13 years later.
A writer in LA loved CD Baby, and kept insisting I hire him as a consultant, clearly wanting the association. After his many requests and my many refusals, he threatened to tell everyone CD Baby was a scam unless I hired him. I didn't pay, so he's been slamming me publicly for years now.
Some ex-girlfriends and ex-colleagues hate me. Some people I've never met write pages on their blog about how much they hate me.
Funny thing is : <strong>I'm happy to be the villain they need</strong>.
Some people can only feel right by making someone else wrong.
I know I'm doing good helpful work. I'm so filled with love that nothing gets me down. So I guess <strong>if anyone should be the villain, it should be me!</strong>
It doesn't bother me, and noticing it doesn't bother me reminds me how happy I really am.
So, bring it on, anyone. Project your frustrations on to me. I'm happy to be that for whoever needs it.
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