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<title>KarmaList wishlist? </title>
I recently checked in with some old CD Baby clients and customers.
Many emailed back saying things like:
<li>“I'm running a venue here in Boston that's always looking for good folk artists.”</li>
<li>“We have good-paying gigs 4 nights a week, but our singer is moving. Know someone good?”</li>
<li>“I have a radio show in Sydney, so if you want to send me some music...”</li>
Unfortunately, all of this is just chaotically in my email inbox. I have no way to <strong>organize these opportunities</strong>. I can't keep it all in my head.
I've been planning on making <a href="">KarmaList</a> an open database of music industry contacts. (Programmers, <a href="">see the tech specs here</a>.)
But now I'm thinking I should also make it <strong>an organized list of who's looking for what</strong>.
I'd hire someone to go back through my email archive, and update the database with who's looking and who's offering. Visit URLs and <strong>validate everything</strong>, then post it on KarmaList, if they say OK.
<em>(Maybe I'll make it invitation-only, so the website will just be verified high-quality listings?)</em>
<strong>I do all this for fun, not money, so it will always be completely free</strong>. (No ads, either.)
But because I'm making this more for you than me, I might as well ask first:
<strong>Any wish-list for this kind of service?</strong>
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