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<title>MusicThoughts update : inspiring quotes for music-makers </title>
Musicians, producers, artists, and engineers, <strong>check out the newest update of <a href="">MusicThoughts</a></strong>.
Since I was 18, I'd always save <strong>inspiring quotes about making music</strong> from interviews with my heroes.
Any time I was feeling stuck on a new song, disappointed by my career, or lost perspective on a studio mixdown, I'd plop on the couch and read slowly through these favorite quotes.
Stuck on some lyrics, trying too hard to accurately express something, <a href="">this Brian Eno quote</a> let me be less specific, and more evocative.
Almost everything <a href="">John Cage said</a> would make me look at a dilemma in a new way.
Feeling I couldn't match up to a great start, <a href="">this Picasso quote</a> was a great reminder that feeling is universal.
When I was trying to finish my album, but just not satisfied, it was reassuring to know that <a href="">neither was John Lennon</a>, and his records turned out OK.
Then there's <a href="">this Kurt Vonnegut quote</a> which applies to so many things in life.
In 1999, I made <a href=""></a> as a place for everyone to share their inspiring quotes about making music, or to turn to in those moments when they're in need of new inspiration.
In 2008, I decided I wanted all of my future websites to be multi-lingual, so I thought MusicThoughts would be a great place to start. I hired translators to translate all the quotes into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese. I also hired three different webdesigners to make it look better. (Switch between different styles at <a href=""></a>.)
Now I've approved hundreds of new quotes submitted by others, paid the translators to translate them into all 10 languages, and updated the site again.
<strong>Go to <a href=""></a></strong> Enjoy!
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