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<title>Not what it used to be! </title>
At <a href="">music-biz conferences</a>, there are always panels of experts, talking about the current state of the music business, from their point of view.
They're usually men over 40 who have been in the music business for 20 years, and they say things like:
<li>“the music business isn't what it used to be”</li>
<li>“it doesn't have any vision anymore”</li>
<li>“nobody knows what's going on anymore”</li>
<li>“it's too big and bloated and corrupt now”</li>
My friend <a href="">Clem Chambers</a> said, “Have you noticed <strong>they're just projecting their own decaying health into things</strong>?”
<li>they aren't what they used to be</li>
<li>their vision is fading</li>
<li>they don't know what's going on anymore</li>
<li>they're big and bloated and corrupt</li>
<strong>So of course that's how they're going to see the world!</strong>
Wouldn't it be interesting to get a panel of under-20 musicians and entrepreneurs to talk about how the music business looks to them?